Thursday, January 23, 2014

There are a few of my favorite links...

I haven't done one of these in awhile but I've been meaning to share some things I've read recently and decided now was a perfect time..

After this review from Boston Bibliophile I can't wait to check out Random Violence by Jassy Mackenzie.

Here is the description: In Johannesburg prosperous whites live in gated communities; when they exit their cars to open the gates, car-jackings are common. But seldom is the victim killed, much less shot twice, like Annette Botha. Piet Botha, the husband of the wealthy woman, is the primary suspect in his wife's murder.

P.I. Jade de Jong fled South Africa ten years ago after her father was killed. Now back in town, she offers to help her father's former assistant, Superintendent David Patel, with his investigation of this case. Under apartheid, Patel, of Indian descent, could
never have attained his present position. But he is feeling pressure from his "old line" boss with respect to this investigation and fears lingering prejudice is at work.

As Jade probes into this and other recent car-jacking cases, a pattern begins to emerge, a pattern that goes back to her father's murder and that involves a vast and intricate series of crimes for profit.

I always found myself agreeing a lot with Katie over at Sluiter Nation in this post she made about discipline and her family. I'm not planning on spanking my child because really what does it teach besides it's okay to hit? And clearly when I feel like spanking her it is out of anger and frustration and a break for both of us is important.

Lisa's post about visiting Charleston made me sad that I won't be going there for Spring Break this year but it is still most definitely on our list of must visit soon places.

Reading the post, Language of Limits wanted me to put it into the hand of every parent I know.  And every parent that walks into my classroom.  It may be aimed at educators but oh my goodness, can parents benefit from the advice in it.  I swear the things I hear coming from the hallway as parents bring kids in or take them home makes me cringe.  Or what parents tell me to reassure me of their awesome parenting.  Double cringe.  We are all doing our best.  But perhaps we could all benefit from a few reminders on the best way to speak to children.  By no means am I perfect and by no means do I never raise my voice at my child.  I have many unproud moments but I keep trying.

Someone needs to make me these Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes.  Pretty please? I'll cook dinner if you back these.  OMG I NEED THEM!

Have you come across anything you need to share?

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