Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January's Menu..

I will admit to being in a state of panic because I did not have my calendar in front of me and this done and New Years Eve was breathing down my neck.  I left my new calendar out of town so I had to make due with just plain paper to start with and I just can't deal.  I need my boxes and ahh.  And I also realized I don't have a stock of made a head frozen meals anymore.  Must get on that this month.  If we don't eat all the chili that is! ;)  Also, I realized that almost every Internet recipe I make is basically from Iowa Girl Eats .  If you haven't, you really should check that site out!

January Meals..
1st - Chili
2nd  leftovers
3rd - chicken salad
4th - Smoked Pork
5th - leftovers
6th - Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak
7th - Southwestern Chicken & Rice Skillet
8th - leftovers
9th - Chicken Sausages (something.. any ideas?)
10th - Pizza
13th - Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese
14th - leftovers
15th - Fajitas
16th - Chicken Noodle Soup (homemade leftovers from November)
17th - Spicy Sausage Skillet
20th - Cheesy Taco Soup  (Seriously one of THE best things I made this year)
21st - Italian Beef Sandwiches
22nd - leftovers
23rd - on own
24th - on own
26th - Chicken Alfredo Pasta
27th - Leftovers
28th - Spaghetti
29th - Tacos
30th - Pizza

I'm not feeling really energized by anything big to make on the weekends this month.  That may change and I may whip up a batch of soup or something but I just don't know! I really could go a good pot roast and potatoes.  Yum!

What's on your menu? If you eat Chicken Sausages how do you like to do them? What is your favorite go-to side dish?

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