Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekly Recap

Monday - 15 minute walk

After work I was able to use our gym and get 15 minutes of walking in before I had to pick the child up from daycare.  This worked well because I wasn't exhausted and I could get some movement in before the utter exhaustion hit me around 7:30.

Tuesday - We went and signed papers on my new vehicle and I am now the new owner of a Chevy Traverse! I am so excited to ditch my itty bitty car that made winter driving one giant anxiety attack!  So, we didn't get home until it was time for bed-time routine and yeah.. I zonked out.

Wednesday - Books & Bars night so umm nothing again.  We had read The Ranger by Ace Atkins and met at a local bar to discuss it.  We spent very little time talking about the book this month because we weren't all huge fans but we had a lot of catching up to do and everyone that attended was a teachers so we had some commiserating about crap to discuss!

Thursday - Met my parents and some friends for the weekly 10 pizza and a pitcher of beer special sooo umm nothing again.

Friday - I thought about working out.  But instead made spinach ravioli for dinner and drank a bottle of wine.

Saturday - Swimming! Now this wasn't a hardcore workout as we were at my nieces birthday party, but I did spend some time swimming and pulling a 2 year old and did a few small laps but it was a workout.

Sunday - 2 miles on the treadmill

Forced myself.  Reminded myself about the beach in just over 2 months.  Must. Move. Body.

Clearly, if I want to make working out a priority I have to figure something out.  I just am too scared to make myself get up early to do it.  I am already so exhausted in the morning (been fighting insomnia lately) that I just don't want to start the day on a crappy note when I have to be ON the whole time with demanding students!  I did do very well with not snacking after dinner this week.  Only once did I have a treat, which was far better than my nightly snacks I had gotten in the habit of!

What's your favorite lunch to pack?

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