Tuesday, January 28, 2014

February's Menu...

As I was planning out what we were going to eat in February I was feeling very ruttish.  That normally doesn't happen but I'm sticking to the same few over and over again.  I remember when we were first married we ate a lot of stir fry.  To the point where I don't like to even think about putting it on the menu anymore.  I need some new relatively quick and easy dishes or ones that I can make ahead that are somewhat healthy.  Trying to do better at our dinner hour since I try for quickness during the week.

1st - Baked Potato Soup
2nd - BBQ Ribs
3rd - Chicken sausages and salad
4th - Fish Tacos (Any recipes that you recommend?)
5th - Pork Tenderloin in the crock pot
6th - leftovers
7th - Taco Pie
10th - Ravoli
11th - Cheesy Taco Soup
12th - Buffalo Chicken Salad
13th - Southwestern Chicken & Rice Skillet
14th - leftovers
16th - Chili
17th - Baked Chicken Quesadillas (Going to get a rotisserie chicken on the weekend and use some for this dinner and some for lunches)
18th - Beef Enchiladas
19th - leftovers
20th - Skillet Chicken Parm
21st - Pizza
24th - Skillet Chili Mac and Cheese (going to use turkey)
25th - leftovers
26 - Spaghetti
27th - out
28th - Pizza

I also have some lentils that I bought that I am trying to decide what to do with them.  Leaning towards burritos.  I've never cooked lentils before and it's giving me some anxiety on what the heck to do what with them!

Do you have a favorite crockpot recipe that you'd share? What about salads?

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