Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Teeth Suck

Oh my poor baby, she is a miserable little lady.

Right after Thanksgiving and a round of shots she was a mess.  Then two teeth popped through.  Those were quick. 

Now, for the last 2-3 weeks she has been working on 2 more, but I think I saw 4 total the last time I got a look inside that mouth before she decided to clam up whenever anyone dared to enter the same zip code. ;P

On one side she has an upper lateral incisor (i think ha) coming through and it looks horrid (last time I was able to see it).  The other one hasn't popped yet, but there was a bump.

My poor girl.  She has cried inconsolably and woken more often than normal and on the one positive, she sleeps more,just more interruptions.

Poor lady.

Come on teeth!

And, for not the first time, I wish all babies could wake up magically with all full set one morning, or at birth.

On a good note for my boobs, she hasn't thought they were a chew toy for awhile.

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