Thursday, March 8, 2012

Have you ever...

been reading a book and keep going, DID THE WRITER REALLY JUST WRITE THAT???? I am currently struggling with this.  The book in question, started out slow, as a slew of characters were introduced and then some random pig-headed comments started slipping through.  I thought hmm, well that was odd the first time and then within 10 pages or so more popped up.  Are you kidding me?

I am all for being crass and and the random gross comments but when you are reading a thriller and the line "he shook his friend when he is done", is included you start to wonder if this isn't supposed to be a BAD erotica book?

I mean COME ON.  The worst part? I was given this book for a review and I am hosting a giveaway for another book by this author. 

So far? The review isn't looking very nice and I doubt any of my normal readers will want to try out his other book. 

However? You can't buy my opinion and I will honestly review it, because there are a few parts that keep me interested, if I don't throw it out the window first.

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