Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby Lit

It's no surprise to ANYONE out there that I have a book problem.  I hoard books like a crazy lady.  I am sure we have over 100 books in this house and they are stashed in various locations.  Actually, I am sure we have over 100 books.  Make that closer to 200.  It's insane.  One of the things I was most excited about when I was pregnant? Sharing the love of reading/books with my child.

Her bookshelves have been full since before she was born and her books are now joining mine in bursting out all over the house.  LOOOOVE. 

However? Kids/baby books? Some of them flat out SUCK.  As in, we never open them because they are just that bad.  Book publishers/writers/whoever, books NEED TO MAKE SENSE.  Even baby books!!!

I was stoked early last month when I came across Baby Lit books in Parents Magazine (i think?).  Pride & Prejudice for babies? Jane Eyre? Alice in Wonderland? Shakespeare? Be still my nerdy heart!!! I immediately added the Pride & Prejudice to Isla's Amazon Wish List and made a trip to Barnes and Noble to check it out in person, just to make sure I was a fan.

Oh my gosh.  The beautiful illustrations, the connecting to the real story (making reading time fun for parents and babies alike!!) , the sturdy board book and just enough words made it even more of a WANT.

Imagine my joy, when I opened an email a short time later asking me if I wanted to review some Baby Lit books? YES, PLEASE!!!

This week, I opened a package with Jane Eyre: A Baby Lit Counting Primer and Alice in Wonderland: A Baby Lit Colors Primer by Jennifer Adams and art by Alison Oliver.

I immediately sat down with Isla and read Alice in Wonderland.  She sat, listened, hit on the pages and when we were done she gave the edges a nice chew.  I think this means it got her approval. ;)  It defintely got my approval! Bright colors, simple words and a nice intro to Alice in Wonderland.  Only complaint? The blue caterpillar isn't really blue in my color opinion.  Very small complaint.

Later on that same evening, we opened up Jane Eyre.  Now excuse my ignorance as I have yet to read the real Jane Eyre, but I found this book to be just as awesome as Alice! My favorite page? 3 candles with a side note: It is always dangerous to leave a candle lit at night! So true!

Once again, beautiful illustrations, nice simple text and even a little science lesson with pictures of insects and their names!  Beautiful. 

I really cannot rave about these books enough! The illustrations are amazing.  I highly recommend them, especially for those adults who enjoy these stories.  Great books for baby and mommy/daddy!

Thanks to Gibbs Smith for allowing me to review these, however all thoughts / opinions are mine!

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