Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A day in the life of Bethany...

Today, I'm featuring, Bethany a friend of mine who is currently waiting to find out if her first IVF cycle was successful!  Head over to Can't Rush a Miracle and wish her luck!

If you would like to participate in the series shoot me an email at pinkflipflpos44 @ gmail dot com and we will set it up!
A little background info, I have been married for over 2 years and trying for baby just about as long. My husband and I were in the midst of our first (and hopefully only) IVF cycle when I recorded this day.

6:15 – alarm goes off. Snooze
6:20 – turn off alarm before it goes off again. Time to get up and get dressed.
6:30 – wake up husband so he can give me my shot. 

6:40 - shot is done and I’m in the car on the way to the reproductive endocrinologist.
7:-00 – arrive at the RE’s office and head back to the ultrasound room.
7:30 – ultrasound is all done. The nurse says things are progressing nicely and gives me my updated meds plan and we schedule another ultrasound for tomorrow morning.
7:40 – give more of my precious blood to the lab. They’ve gotten my blood every day this week and I’m starting to think I may run out before the end of this.
7:45 – back in the car to drive to work.
8:00 – arrive downtown and park. I’m very fortunate that my RE is so close to home and work, as I know many women who have to drive hours to and from.
8:10 – Stop at the Subway for breakfast and then head up to my desk on the 4th floor.
8:15 – work starts! I work in the new business area of an insurance company processing all of the incoming annuity applications (if you have to Google annuity, I totally understand. I did too when I started). I get logged into phones, enjoy a peaceful 5 minute breakfast, then pop my morning pills

8:20 – Work starts. First on the agenda is to look over contracts that issued the night before and make sure we did everything correctly before the contracts are mailed out to the clients.
9:00 – all the contracts are ready to go out so I hand them off to another associate for mailing. I now move into the daily processing. I review incoming applications for completeness, email agents with outstanding requirements, apply payments to contracts, and answer any calls that come through the 800 number. This is pretty much the bulk of my day.
10:00 – taking a break from my routine work to help out our service assistant. Our team is currently down about half of our staff, so there is a lot of helping each other out going on. This morning I’m sending out some rollover requests to other companies.
10:40 – I am sitting at my desk doing nothing. I can’t get up because one of my coworkers is away from her desk and if I get up our phones are abandoned. This is the worst part of my job. I have things to do but I’m chained to my desk, so they wait. I guess this is a good time for an internet break to see if anything exciting is happening on my message boards.
11:00 - Coworker is back, so it’s back to work.
11:30 – lunch time! The nice thing about working downtown is the large amount of food choices available in the skyway. On cold, dreary days like today I don’t have to go outside. Woo! Today I am heading down to my favorite sandwich place for a Thai chicken wrap. I always bring it back to my desk so I can play on the Internet while I eat.
12:15 – Back to helping out since my work is currently all done.
1:30 – My own work comes in, so I shift focus back to my usual.
3:50 – Error reports. I take a few minutes to run through and fix any issues that would bomb the system overnight.
4:15 – Back to the grind.
4:50 – Time to start staring at the clock. I’m ready to get the heck out of here
5:00 – Oh my goodness I get to go home!!!!!
5:30 - Walk in the front door to smell of pizza. My husband picked up Little Caesars. woo!
6:00 - TIme for my evening routine of sitting in my recliner watching tv and playing on the internet.
9:00 - Time for more shots. I have two this evening to get through. I get everything all ready and then my husband does the stabbing. I also have 4 more pills to choke down

9:15 - shower time!
9:30 - hop into bed with my husband. We always watch a little tv before bed. Tonight we settle in for an episode of Newhart.
10:00 - lights out. I have another appt. in the morning so I need my sleep.

Thanks for sharing Bethany!! I am jealous of your skyway and your multiple lunch options.  I only have 2 quick options and I get quite sick of them when I am busy and have to grab stuff from there constantly!

Do you go out to lunch or do pack a lunch from home?

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