Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A day in the life of Kim...

Today, we have Kim! She's a friend of mine who has an adorable daughter and is basically me, in a different body and state.  So she's awesome.

I am a mom, wife, and RN, navigating my way through this world. I have chosen to write about a normal day in my household. This took place on Thursday, March 1.


4:45 - Alarm goes off, turn over to quiet it as to not wake up B (my husband).

4:50 - Start pumping before T (my 7month old daughter) wakes up so she has her morning bottle.

5:05 - 5:35  Finish pumping, clean parts, and jump into the shower. I get ready for the morning and grab a granola bar or a banana to eat. I'm not a huge breakfast fan, for some reason it makes me nauseous.   (See, I also can't do breakfast!!;) )

5:40 - B is showered and getting T ready for daycare this morning, he drops her off. I grab my lunch from the fridge, kiss B and T goodbye and head out the door for the morning commute. I am hoping traffic isn't horrible.

6:30 - 6:45 (depends on traffic) - I arrive at work head up to the floor and grab my assignment.  I work in a level one trauma center (hospital) in a metropolis. I currently work in the cardiac-renal unit. Today's assignment isn't bad, I start out with 4 patients with room for an admit. I start getting information from the charts and prepare for report.

7:00 - 7:20 Receive report on my patients and get prepared for the day ahead. I'm working a 8 hour day shift today.

7:30 - 10 I spend the morning doing assessments, giving medication, answering phone calls, calling MD's, and preparing patients for various testing. This time always goes by quickly.

10 - Finally! A few quick moments to chart before being interrupted by a resident. Changing fluids and medications for a patient, darnit I had just hung a new bag.

11:30 - Lunch! I grab my lunch and pump and head into a private room. It isn't the most convenient thing to pump during lunch but to provide nutrition to my child, makes it worth it.


12-3 Back on the floor, more medications, more charting, more answering/sending phone calls. I have one possible discharge and an oncoming admit.

3 - time for report to oncoming shift.

3:45 - Finished tying up loose ends and head out to the parking ramp to pick T up from daycare. Thank goodness this wasn't a crazy day (which is few and far in between).

4:30 -  Pick up T from daycare and head home.

4:45 - Feed T supper, she started solids about a month ago and we are now feeding her 2 times a day in addition to her normal milk feedings.

5:10 - No bath time tonight. We do baths on Thursday and Sunday night, more often as needed. So we start her normal bedtime routine: diaper change, lotion, pjs.

5:30 - 5:45 - Bottle and rocking chair. She falls asleep quickly and goes down for the night. T generally sleeps 12+ hours. She goes down around now and is up between 6-7am.

6:00 - Sit down to pump and read through emails and online boards. Start supper if it is something that will take awhile. Tonight it's love birds -  quick and easy so B will make dinner, he is the cook in our house.

6:30 - 7:30 B get's home from work and makes dinner. He checks on T and we eat together. Sometimes he has work to do from home otherwise we catch up on shows we've DVR'd.

7:30 - 10:30 Catch up on tv shows, surf the web, read a book, laundry, pick up the house, whatever needs to be done or we feel like. Then it's off to bed while waking up and doing it all over again tomorrow.

Luckily my shift varies, although I work weekends it is nice to have extra days at home with T. This also gives me time to clean the house and get odds and ends done around here during the day.

Thank you for reading!

Thanks, Kim!

Do you work the same set schedule or does it vary?

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