Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A day in the life of Jess...

Hey everyone! Today we have Jess, a mom, and full-time teacher.  I give mad props to anyone who has to wake up early, get a child ready, get themselves ready and go work all day, come home, do all the nightly home stuff and do it all again the next day.  It's tough stuff!

If you would like to participate in the day in the life series shoot me an email at pinkflipflops44 at gmail dot com!!

A day in the life of a breastfeeding urban schoolteacher mom.  A little background on me:  I am a fourth grade teacher in Philadelphia and momma to a gorgeous almost 8 month old little girl, Lexi.  Here is how a typical day in my life goes…

5:15 am- Alarm goes off, roll over hit snooze twice

5:35 am-Finally drag my tired self out of “bed” (more on that later)

5:40 am-Wash my face, brush teeth, do hair and make up all while entertaining said 8 month old on the floor

6:00 am-Stand in my closet and complain I have nothing to wear

6:10 am-Finally pick out something frumpy and throw my clothes on

6:15 am-Let the dogs out and plop Lexi in highchair with a toy.  Load up all the bags: Lexi’s diaper bag, my school and lunch bag, and my pump bag

6:25 am-Warm up the car so Lexi doesn’t freeze her butt off

6:30 am-Drive over to my parent’s house

6:40 am-Bring all my crap inside their house.  At this time I make Lexi cereal, make myself oatmeal, and transfer the pumped milk from the pump bottles to regular bottles and clean said bottles.

7:15 am-Rush out the door and run to my car and speed off to work

7:45 am-Get to my school, clear out my mailbox, rush up to my room and start pumping.

8:00 am-Go next door to complain with the teacher there about how awful our jobs are.

8:21 am-Greet my students and my day of work begins.

12:45 pm-After four hours of screaming over students and being yelled at, I drop them off to lunch and run back upstairs to pump.  This is where I pray someone doesn’t try and bust in my room while completely ignoring the huge, “Do not disturb” sign on my door.  Don’t laugh, it’s happened!

3:00 pm-Rush out the school doors and hop back into my car to go get that smiley baby of mine.

3:30 pm-Get to my parent’s house and squish on the cutest baby alive for a half hour.

4:00 pm-Drive back to my house where I usually spend about five minutes cleaning up the mess my dogs have made, like will they ever be house trained?

6:30 pm-After hopefully scarfing something other than oatmeal crème pies down, I take my shower.  If Greg isn’t home I  bring Lexi into the bathroom and try and entertain her while I shower.

7:00 pm-Get Lexi dinner and then bring her up to bathe her.

8:00 pm-Nighttime routine; Bath, Lotion, Jammies and sleepsack, Goodnight Moon, Whale sounds, and Rocking in the rocker while she nurses to sleep (don’t judge).

8:30/8:45 pm-Place Lexi in the crib and pray to sweet baby Jesus she sleeps.

10:00 pm-Crawl onto the air mattress in her room (to save trips back and forth since she won’t STTN anymore) and try and sleep.

11:00ish pm-Lexi wakes up and joins me on said air mattress.

5:15 am-Lather, rinse, repeat

I know my life isn’t that exciting but thank you for taking the time to read about a day in the life of a breastfeeding urban schoolteacher mommy!

Thanks, Jess! I hope Lexi sleeps through the night for you soon! ;)

Do you like your job?

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