Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Five


1. I am stoked.  I found a $100 gift card in my wallet while trying to find a business card! Woo woo!!! New spring break clothes/suit without the guilt!!!

2. While not finding the business card, I had to google to find the email I needed and found out the nice lady I needed, had moved to a different office.  I hate change and cold contacting people.  So I emailed her and asked for her input on who to email.  I'm a wuss.  And I need to take master classes.  Fark a noogle.

3. I should not drink coffee while driving.  I rarely do.  But today I made myself some at home, put it in my reusable cup (actually my husband's but I bought it because I liked it ha) and of course tried to sip on my commute.  I totally wore half of what I tried to drink.  I just need to say no and wait til I get to my destination.  And who makes reusable cups so hard to drink out of??? I swear I'm dripping half of if each time I sip, or this could be a personal problem. 

4.  I completely failed at my February challenge.  But I picked myself back up, made myself a workout plan that leads me up to Spring Break and restarted last night.  I can fail, but I got to get back on the horse.  It is OKAY if I miss one workout, but not if I miss two.  BAAAD ME.  I am also going to wake up early on Tuesday mornings to get a run in.  Hold me, I am NOT a morning person.  Ugh.

5. I feel like I never get anything done.  I have had to start making even more to-do lists for various parts of my life or I feel all cluttered and I forget things.  A to-do list for BEFORE work, a work to-do list, a night time to do list.. ughhh... But I NEED to not be a lump.  Baaad me.

What are you excited about today?

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