Monday, February 27, 2012

Abducted - T.R. Ragan

This book was the first full book I officially read on an e-reader.  It's a good thing it was a thriller and I could whip through it, because my eyes were screened out... Give me my books any time.  But, a free e-book is a free book!

Abducted, is a thriller starring Lizzy Gardner.  When Lizzy was 17 she was kidnapped on her way home from sneaking out with her then high school boyfriend, Jared.  Fast forward 10ish years and Lizzy and Jared are reunited when the crazy serial killer who abducted Lizzy is baaaaaaaaack.

This book kept my attention and was quick paced.  It kept having dates and times at the top of headings but I will be honest, I wasn't paying attention but I think it was stressing that it happened over a very short time period.  Like a week or so. 

It kept me on my toes, it was gruesome, there was some torture, and animal cruelty so if that stuff bugs you, stay away, but if you read Still Missing by Chevy Chase, I would say it was a step below that crazy stuff.

I've kind of become a more critical reader (probably because I have limited time to read and if I am reading it, you better entertain me NOW) and there were a few instances where I was like, yeah this is not believable, but I think you have that in thrillers and some of the writing made me think, ummm you didn't explain that well, but overall it kept me engrossed.  Definitely worth checking out, and I will check out more books in this series as it develops, as I assume it will since it said it was Lizzy Gardner #1.

What thrillers have you read recently?

(Book Club Note - We will discuss Chapters 1-9 in The Violets of March by Sarah Jio on March 9th!)

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