Friday, February 24, 2012

Rebecca - Final Discussion

Yeah, I did a horrible job this month.  I never picked the book back up since the last post.  I got engrossed in another book and  I swear I was going to try to read more on Thursday night, but my best-friend is in town and then it was 10:15 and I realized I didn't have this post written.  The good news is, that via twitter I have heard that after they got into it many people liked it.. YAY.  Maybe someday I will read it...( I also said this about Water for Elephants, hasn't happened...)

1. How might the costume ball—and the heroine's appearance in Rebecca's gown—stand as a symbol for young Mrs. de Winter's situation at Manderley?

2. In what way does the relationship between the young heroine and Maxim change during the months after their arrival to Manderley?

3. How, if at all, do Maxim's revelations change your attitude toward him? Did you feel relief upon first reading his confessions? Can you sympathize with his predicament, or do you censure his actions? What do you think of the heroine's reaction? In her place, how might you have reacted?

4. How does this new knowledge alter the heroine's behavior and her sense of herself?

5. Now return to the beginning of the book. How would you put into words, or explain, the sense of loss and exile that permeates tone of the opening?

Any other thoughts?  It appears that our next novel will be Violets of March by Sarah Jio. ;) Can't wait to read that one!

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