Thursday, February 9, 2012

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

Oh my gosh this book has such a sweet message! Poor Mr. Hatch is a the typical lonely old man who doesn't talk extra to anyone, doesn't smile and just seems generally unhappy.  Until, one Valentine's Day when he gets a box of chocolates with a note that says, "Somebody Loves You." 

Mr. Hatch is so surprised that someone loves him that the next day he helps out the guy at the newstand, the grocer and shares chocolate at work.  Everyone is smiley and kind to Mr. Hatch and he hosts parties in his backyard and becomes a totally different person.

Until the postman returns with some sad news.  He delivered the Valentine to the WRONG house.  Poor, Mr. Hatch.  Nobody loves him! He reverts to his old ways and EVERYONE in town notices.  What will happen to Mr. Hatch?

This book has a really good message about being kind to everyone we come across and how words can affect people. 

I recommend it for ages 5-8 because it is a bit longer, but some 4 year olds could probably sit through it too!

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