Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Challenge

I am dubbing the month of February, my kick in the butt month.  I am using it to jump start my love affair with my new treadmill.  Yeah, I am forcing a love affair with it before I really get to know it and all its kinks, I am going to be in a bathing suit on March 31st and I will not scare away small children!

My plan for the month is to use my treadmill every day.  I have been searching the web for treadmill workouts and putting together a ring of different workouts to keep things interesting.  No, I will not be running every day.  I am putting no time limit on this but I am aiming for between 20-40 minutes a day.

I will sporadically post my workouts (to help others find new treadmill routines) and to keep myself accountable.  I am not committing to a certain about days/times to update because I am putting all my effort into using the treadmill, not stressing out about sharing.

I am also instituting a 14 day ban on McDonalds.  It is sad but they are the ONLY drive-thru on my path to work and you have NO idea how many times I stop for a coffee, a tea or a pop or a sandwich.  It gets ridiculous.  I made it the month of November with no McDonalds and then fell into a bad bad habit again in December and January.

So in short, 29 days of treadmilling, 14 days no McDonalds.. Ready set go! ;)

Tonight's treadmill workout was GOING to look like this:

Min                    Speed      Incline
0-14:59              3.5
15-21:59            4.0              5%
22-30                 3.5

However, I am STILL getting over my dang cold.. so it ended up more like me doing all of that until 19:05 when I was like, "Ahhh I cannot breathe and I am almost tasting snot and I just want my pjs."

So, there ya have it.  Not pretty, but I did it!

Do you have any treadmill workouts to share?

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