Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wine and Love vol. 5

It's that time of week again.. Unload your loves and wines of the week, and check out Nora's site and link up with others who are just as love and wine filled.

- Kids that come to school reaking of smoke.  I get really mad at parents/grandparents when darling children come to school REAKING of smoke.  Yay asthma, emphysema and other health problems put upon defenseless children. Way to go!

- I think there is something wrong with my lap top. Boo.

- When people try to hard with their writing in blogs.  Just write like you, don't go overboard trying to be something you are not.

- Isla, while sleeping a bit better, has insane trouble falling back asleep and is sooo close to rolling that it keeps her awake at night. Also, it makes her trying to nap in the swing that much more difficult as she tries to launch out of it.

this lovebug is 16 weeks now!

- People whose only advice for parenting seems to be just let your baby cry.  Yeah, cuz that'll teach her! There is a bit more to it than that, thanks!

- It's farking cold!

- Coffee.  Especially coffee with creamer.  I used to be a straight up black girl but pregnancy (ZOMG I DRANK COFFEE WHILE PREGNANT) made me into a creamer loving gal.

- Oatmeal cookies. mmmmm

- COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! So excited for MSU vs. ND and OSU vs. Miami this weekend.

- Meal planning/couponing.  The nerd in me adores it.

- Talking about planning a trip to Florida in March/April. Woot!

- My pretty girl!

What's on your lists this week?

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