Friday, September 23, 2011

Still Missing - Discussion 3

TGIF! Let's start the weekend off discussing Sessions 16-22 from Still Missing by Chevy Stevens.

I swear, sometimes when Annie is talking to the therapist she almost sounds like a guy.  The voice of her sounds so rough/angry.  Very different from the voice other places in the book.

"But she didn't give her love for a year, and as far as I'm concerned that's just as damaging as physical blows.  Mom would never get that lack of affection is abuse." pg. 183  How interesting and what nice foreshadowing. Annie's mom should have gotten someone else to take care of her dog, since she pretty much ignored the poor thing for a year.

"It was better we found out early she was weak." pg. 185 OH NO HE DIDN'T.  When he said that I wanted to kill the mother-farker. I'm glad he gave her the opportunity and an extra kick in the pants to kill his sorry ass.

I felt so sorry for Annie after she killed him because it was like an instant relief and then a WTF DID I DO WHAT DO I DO NOW?HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP.

When Annie went to the police station it seemed odd to me at first, the whole first encounter with them, and then the second day played out more like I thought would happen.  It seemed like the first day people were like uhhh okay here you are and Annie was so messed up but was acting kind of normal and it just didn't seem right, but the second day when she broke down kind of seemed to me the response I was looking for from the start.

1. Was “The Freak” a believable and consistent character throughout? How could such a careful and controlling person have made the mistake that led to his undoing? (from shelfari)

2. How would you describe Annie's character...especially those qualities that enable her to survive her ordeal at the hands of The Freak? How well might you have fared? (from litlovers)

3. Pretend, you haven't finished the book yet.. what did you think she had named her baby?

4. What do you think of her current relationship with Luke?

5. What was your first impression of Gary?

Thanks for participating! Next week we will discuss the last section of the book. See you then!

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