Friday, September 30, 2011

Still Missing - Discussion 4

And the end of the month is upon us! Welcome back to the final discussion of the creepy, yet addictive novel, Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. (Every time I want to write Chevy Chase..)

I sped read through this last part because I WANTED TO KNOW like now.  Defintiely, props to the writer for keeping me in suspense and wanting to keep going, even when I was disgusted by the content. 

I do have one complaint.  The character of Luke seemed to be well-written and a good guy.  But then we get to this section and he goes from caring guy to a guy who barely cares and says some REALLY stupid stuff.  I get that she was trying to move Annie away from Luke and towards Gary, but it was almost a complete character change and some of the things Luke said just didn't seem like things he would say, ya get me? Also, the same thing with Christina.  I get that Annie needed to kind of push them to the sides to find the truth and what not, but sometimes the things they said really made me think, 'really???"

Was I also, the only one who was like NOOO DON'T DRIVE HOME IN THE DARK BY YOURSELF!!!! when Annie drove back from visiting Gary at the motel in Eagle Glen?  It's like when you are watching a scary movie and they do something that you know is dangerious.

"But I didn't know he was a killer, I never wanted her hurt -- I'm a good mother, don't you understand?" Her voice cracked on the last word. pg. 320

Seriously? You hired someone TO KIDNAP YOUR DAUGHTER.  You didn't know he was a killer? Who signs up to KIDNAP PEOPLE????

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would love to read another novel by her.  I was quickly drawn into Annie's life and wanted to know the details.  Excellent book!

1. Did you agree with Gary's strategy of not giving out info to Annie and making her keep everything to herself? Also, did you think when she was telling her therapist, NO DON'T TELL HER, she's with the bad guys???

2. Do you think Annie will ever stop counting blocks? How do you think her life will be like now?

3. What was your overall impression of the book?

4. What did you think of the mother/daughter relationship with Annie before you knew what a twat her mother was and then afterwards?

5. Were you surprised by the ending? If so, what were you expecting?

6. Do you think the author was effective in her method of having this story a one sided narration to a psychologist?

Thanks for participating in September! Hope you come back and join us in October!

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