Friday, September 9, 2011

Still Missing - Discussion 1

Still Missing is our September Group Read.  Feel free to join in in our first discussion over Sessions 1 - Sessions 8.  Next Friday, we will talk about Sessions 9 - 15.

Okay, so this book is freaky.  It gave me two nights of nightmares where I woke up sweating.  I blame this on Annie's pregnancy and how he treats her/the baby.  I can't imagine being in that situation.  How strong you must be to try to rationalize everything to stay somewhat sane yourself and at the same time not risk your life.  I also don't know how you wouldn't go INSANE in a house where you could never see outside. 

What a total mind-fark that guy played on her too... "But, what if The Freak wasn't lying?  What if they really weren't looking for me anymore? What if they'd all moved on?" pg. 86

The last sentence in this section got me too. "I hoped they put Bubbles to sleep before he finally figured out no one was coming for him." pg. 87. Yikes.

To me it also seems like Annie has almost a split personality when she is talking to the therapist she sounds super pissed off at the world, mean and angry, and who would blame her? In her every day life and her remembering of her time with The Freak, she sounds pretty normal, if not a little anxious and OCD.

1. Do you think it was a coincidence or a calculated move that The Freak told Annie his name was David? (the same name as her dad)

2. Why do you think The Freak is so rigid on the schedule and times for certain things?

3. Why do you think The Freak has Annie read to him?

4.  Are the early parts of the novel, the sex scenes, too lurid for your taste—do you consider them sensational. Or are they an integral part of the plot, necessary for us to grasp Annie's tormented state? (from litlovers)

5.  How do you think you would react if you were in Annie's position?

Thanks for participating! See you back next Friday to talk about Sessions 9-15!

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