Monday, September 12, 2011

I've been meaning to, but....

We all have things we keep saying we are going to do, and then we don't.  It could be just something we brush aside or think we can do later, or we say it and don't really mean it, but hey it sounds good, right?

So, I want to know.. what three authors have you been meaning to read or keep saying you are going to read, but you haven't? Why do you want to read them and why haven't you? And then I want to challenge you to READ at least one of them by December 31st! YOU CAN DO IT! ;)

Here is my list..

1. Hemingway - I have checked out multiple books of his from the library and have never read them.  I think I'm scared that I won't like it, but I really really want to like it.  I want to read Hemingway because I feel like I should at least read one of his books, and he reminds me of my grandpa! ;) Real, good reasons I know.

2. Charlaine Harris - Yeah, we just jumped from Hemingway to vampires.  I bought the first book in the Sookie series 2 years ago and have not read it.  I think I'm afraid I'll hate it, even though I love the tv show when I remember to read it.  I also think I haven't read it because I think, vampires? Come ON.  I want to read it because it would be another mindless series to get started on, since I am 1 1/2 books away from catching up on the Tess Monaghan series.

3.  Agatha Christie - This is one that I am utterly shocked I have not tried yet.  I mean she is referenced in so many books I like and yet, I have never picked anything up.  Overwhelming? Afraid, I'll think it's stupid? Who knows, but I would probably enjoy one or two!

So, who is on your list?

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