Sunday, September 25, 2011

Banned Book Week!

Banned Book Week always sneaks up on me and all my great plans get foiled because I'm either so busy I don't get around to doing what I want or I just plum forget!

So to start out the week, I'm linking you to other people who are on the ball and said things I would say if I had a brain / time anymore!  Some are just good giveaways.  Enjoy!

Author: DeadWhiteGuys
Blogpost: Admit it, You Banned it because of the big words
Why: She's hilarious, extremely smart and always says things better than I could.

Author: RoofBeamReader
Blogpost: Banned Books Week Giveaway Hop
Why: Love his blog, and you can pick and win any book that he has talked about in his Saturday Uncensored posts, which are really good.  Here's an example of one from April of this year.

Author: A Little Pink in the Cornfields
Blogpost: Banned Book Week and a Giveaway
Why: Some of my favorite banned books are up for a giveaway!

Author: The New York Times
Article: 10 Ways to Celebrate Banned Book Week
Why: It has great links to some great resources!

Author: Murderati
Blogpost: Banned Books Week
Why: She shares some of my same opinions on book banning.

What's your favorite banned book? Have you read a good article/blog about book banning that you want to share? Link it in the comments! ;)

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