Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wine and Love vol. 3

Joining in with Nora again for Wine and Love this week.  What's getting your knickers in a bunch and what's putting the smile on your face?

- My daughter and daycare seem to not agree with each other.  Lots of deep breathes and hoping it gets better.
- I wish my daughter wasn't as stubborn as parents and would just give in ,when it comes to the bottle and naps.
- I'm eating my feelings again.
- I stopped running because I need new shoes and have no plans on when I'm getting new ones. eeek.
- I got my hair cut this week and it is once again shorter than I wanted.  I need a new hair person.
- My toes need a pedicure.
- I'm sad that the month of August just has not been as hot as July and I haven't been in my pool once.
- I bought a size of pants that I never ever ever ever ever thought, I'd see.
- I am having uber anxiety and it's freaking me out.

- The belly laugh I got out of my sweetie this week.
- That my daughter is a fighter and won't take crap from anyone.
- My husband got me a new MP3 player and it's orange.
- I got 2 shirts, a pair of dress shorts and a pair of pants for 3.68 after using coupons and merchandise credit.
- Making dinner.
- Feeling like I am doing something positive.
- That my Buckeyes are on THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!

What's on your list this week?

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