Friday, April 29, 2011

Sammy's Hill: Discussion #4

Happy Friday everyone! Kelly is hosting this week's final discussion for Sammy's Hill! Thank you so much! I enjoyed the recap because it reminded me of things that irritated me that I wanted to talk about! ;)

Hi everyone, I’m Kelly from She Wears a Red Sox Cap and I’m guest posting here to finish up our discussion of Sammy’s Hill. Thank goodness!

When we left off last week, Bramen was taking credit for RG’s health care benefit package but also speaking out against it, which caused RG to really turn against him and endorse Wye for President. When this happens, Sammy meets Bob Espin, who she remembers from her blackberry snafu. Bob and Sammy start to date (sort of), but nothing really comes of it, and it’s clear Sammy is not all that emotionally involved.  Other notable things that happen in this section include:

-Charlie writes an article bashing Bramen and Bramen drops out of the presidential race after losing several states
-the Ex-Secret Service guys question Sammy about her relationship with “Mr. Lee” who is apparently an agent of the North Korean regime
-Aaron starts working for Wye and telemarketers drive him crazy
-Sammy ends up in the hospital with IBS and Charlie stays with her (I did laugh at this whole section- as someone who suffers from this, I TOTALLY agree with her that giving it a better name would be awesome)
-Charlie broke a story that Wye’s speeches were plagiarized, by none other than Aaron (it also came out that Aaron was a compulsive gambler-WTF?)
-Wye wins the election, Charlie and Sammy get together and Sammy sends out an e-mail where she says the greater “pubic” good instead of “public”

Wow, just reading all these things I can see just how many UNBELIEVABLE and ridiculous things occurred in this book, just in this section! Here are my questions:

What changes would you make to Sammy’s character in order to make her someone that her target audience would relate to, rather than be annoyed by?

Do you feel the kind of passion towards your job/boss that Sammy does? Why or why not?

Although we don’t plan to read the sequel, what do you predict will happen next for Sammy?

What was your favorite thing about this book? (I thought I’d be positive, it’s the kindergarten teacher in me)

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