Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bubi's Awesome Eats

Last Saturday when the husband and I were off gallivanting around the state in search of unique / Food Network approved / Man vs. Food approved dining experiences we decided to zip across the tunnel to Windsor, Ontario.

First, we headed over to Caeser's Windsor Casino and wandered around the LOVELY smoke-free casino. It quickly became my favorite casino EVEEEEER. Not that I frequent casinos enough to have favorites, but just saying. It was waaaay better than the Greektown Casino we quickly walked through earlier in the day. (No, we didn't gamble away our life savings, but the Greektown casino has free parking haha).

We decided to enjoy a free Pepsi and then gamble 5 dollars each on Video Poker. Fun times. The husband played away his 5 and when he was done I still had around $3.95 Canadian even though at one point I was ahead of the game, whoops.

We really wanted to get a picture of the Detroit skyline from Windsor so we joined the smokers on an outdoor patio so he could take some pretty sweet shots.

here is one that he took that he has cropped down a lot.. we had a lot of fun and got some great shots with the DSLR
Then we headed to Bubi's on a recommendation of an employee of the Casino's hotel. It was amazing. They are known for their burgers, but neither of us were really feeling burgers. We got some sami's instead!

me with my glass of water in a mason jar haha...

the really yummy side salad that I got with my sandwich.. you could pick between fries, salad or soup... I also got this garlicky ranch dressing they had which was really good!

here is a picture of the sandwich I got.. I cut it in half before I took the picture this is the Bubi's Master Melt Down.. It had grilled black forest ham, tomato, and melted swiss.. VERY good!

This is what the husband got.. Boss BLT. double the bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion with cheddar and mayo.. he really liked his as well! He also enjoyed a nice beer.

Bubi's was a really cool restaurant and I'm glad we stopped there. It had a laid back fun feel to it with some excellent food. I wouldn't mind going back and trying more!

What was the last good restaurant sandwich you ate?

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