Friday, April 15, 2011

Discussion #2 Sammy's Hill

Welcome back to week 2 of Sammy's Hill.  Any and all are free to comment.

So, Aaron seems sketchier and sketchier. The plot seems more and more predictable and Sammy sounds like a girl I'd like to throttle.

Just one shining example of Aaron's jerkiness.. 
" However, when he'd complained about y going away with RG and I'd pointed out that he'd just gone to New Hampshire with Bramen, Aaron suggested that Bramen's trips were more important." pg. 111

SERIOUSLY???? And how about ignoring her when she got puked on at a bar? Dismissive of her roles. Ugh Ugh.  And it is so nauseating to hear her talk about their future daughter and everything.  Though, the few moments of her sanity when she mentions, how their future is somewhat cloudy, I'm like YES.  And why won't her friends just tell her he is fucking around?

1.) Have you ever had an embarassingly blackberry/email whoops like Sammy does with her whipped cream summit message? Speaking of, what did you think of the article Charlie wrote about it and Aaron's reaction to the article?

2.) What was your reaction to Bramen's comment about RG and his staff not doing anything to help the bill they wrote? What do you think of Bramen? Do you agree with Sammy's assessment?

3.) Would you continually keep getting the same animal if you kept kiling it/it kept dying on you?

4.) When do you think Sammy will finally talk to Charlie about whatever he wants to talk to her about?

5.) Do you think Sammy's character is growing and maturing or do you think she is staying stagnant so far?

Next week we will discuss from Faded Luster to Breathe in Deep, It's all Fresh Air (pg. 299).  Lisa will be providing the post for us and I can't wait to hear what she has to say!  Don't forget to vote on a selection for the May Group Read.  I will be putting the poll up on April 17th!  If you would be willing to guest post in May let me know, and if a particular date works better for you let me know that as well!

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