Wednesday, April 27, 2011

37 weeks!!!

side view of my cheeky little girl..

How far along? 37 weeks! yay i've made it to term! bring on the baby at any time now!
Weight gain/loss: up 17 pounds
Stretch marks? I found a matching pair on the other side of my belly to the ones I got a few eeks ago .. ;( hopefully they shall fade away.
Sleep? I've stopped drinking as much at night but I am still peeing like crazy.  But I sleep hard when I do sleep so that is good!
Best moment this week? I got a surprise ultrasound because the midwife couldn't tell if she was head down still or not.. and she may have told me the little lady had "buns of steel"
Food cravings: Chocolate
Gender: Girl
Belly button in or out? In
Movement? slowing down a little but it's getting uncomfortable
What I miss? 'normal' hormones
What I'm looking forward to: the little lady's arrival! which means i should work on that list of stuff that we need to buy/need to do before she comes.. umm eek.
Milestones: made it to term!
ok if you look in the middle of the shot you can see her face.. the closed eyes, nose and chin..

It was so cool because we could see her blinking on the monitor and sucking and she had her hands up by her face! Can't wait to meet her.. ooh and good news is that she is head down! the bad news? still nameless!

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