Monday, May 2, 2011

April At A Glance

Books Read
14. The Keepsake – Tess Gerritsen (April 2nd)
15. Sammy’s Hill – Kristin Gore (April 20th)
16. Ice Cold – Tess Gerritsen (April 22nd)
17. The Baby Name Wizard – Laura Wattenberg (April 23rd)
18. The Penguin Classic Baby Name Book – Grace Hamlin (April 24th)

I think Ice Cold was probably my favorite read this month and Sammy's Hill being the least favorite.  Out of the baby name books, I enjoyed both but probably liked The Penguin Classic Baby Name Book slightly more because of the literary references.  Though the set up of The Baby Name Wizard was good too.  I really like their website and it was like the website, just slightly out of date since I got those two from the library!

Currently Reading: The Blue Orchard by Jackson Taylor (AND LOVING IT!)

Movies Watched:  Informant, The Hangover, Blood Diamond and Wall Street Money Never Sleeps

I can't even remember watching Informant so I am going to guess it was just so-so.  The Hangover was our millionth time re-watching it and I still love it! Blood Diamond was a re-watch and I still like it.  Funny, I like Leo in like every movie but Titanic! And I fell asleep during Wall Street Money Never Sleeps sooo I will go with what my hubby said and just tell you that the original was better.  (He watched that when I went to bed early on Friday).

Favorite Photos:

this is me opening up a knitted hat from one of my husband's aunts at our shower.. not sure if I shared this one or not!

this is one of my favorite outfits from the shower.. cute lil pink and orange monkey outfit.. it comes with an orange top and a white top.. and i may have bought a bow/headband that matches this perfectly the other night!

this is the blanket that my husband's cousin made us on the glider in the nursery!

not a great picture but this is owl decals that we have over the crib!

Favorite Recipes:  I didn't share any recipes on the blog this month but I did make a fabulous Chicken Ranch Pasta Salad that I will share eventually with you all.  It was fabulous!!

What were your highlights of April?

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