Monday, April 18, 2011

Confessions from a Pregnant Lady..

* I just ate an entire Tostinos Pizza.  Yeah, I feel as gross as the face you just made.  I don't even LIKE them.

* I may have also eaten just the frosting off of the delicious cupcakes my cousin's girlfriend made for my shower.

* I have not uploaded any shower photos because after I saw the hideous ones my mother-in-law posted on facebook, I am afraid to see how I look in them.

* My house has exploded into pale pink ridiculousness and I am scared.

* All I want to do today is sleep, eat and pee.  Well not so much WANT to pee, but my bladder has become reduced to the size of a peanut, I swear.  I don't drink ALL that much but I'd have to say for every 12 ounces I drink I pee like 4 times.  Well, maybe not 4 but I HAAATE that I go and it's like drip drip and back I go in about 30-90 minutes later.  And I normally can hold the urge for awhile, but the size has been diminished.  Touche, baby, touche.

* I was supposed to start writing my thank yous and organize the bags my husband brought upstairs for me to go through today.  I have not really gotten off the couch.  But at 3pm, I WILL put away the baby gifts.  So my husband doesn't think I am completely nutso.  I have so much baby laundry to do but I am not done sorting everything yet!

* As much as I dislike waking up to pee all the time, I really don't have any urge to hurry this child along.  You will know I hit my breaking point when I start obsessing over Old Wives Tales.

* Easter dinner sounds delicious, but the thought of making a dish to pass and socializing makes me tired thinking about it already.

* I wish my husband's new grill came this weekend so that he could grill tomorrow's dinner instead of me making something.  Speaking of, what the heck SHOULD I make for dinner tomorrow?

* I have not packed my hospital bag because I can't even fathom life with a baby yet.

* I also haven't read in any of my pregnancy/labor/infant care/breastfeeding books for awhile.  I really need to catch myself up on some stuff and make sure I am organized for when baby arrives.  But, I am kind of in denial that I am due ONE MONTH FROM TODAY. HOLY SHIZ BALLS.

* My husband is so good to me and I'm glad that I have realized this more and more throughout this pregnancy, even when he irritates the crap out of me over small things.  Like, WHAT THE HECK ARE WE GOING TO NAME OUR DAUGHTER.

* My mom is starting to annoy me with constantly asking if we have a name for the child and are just keeping it from them.  No I assure you all, WE DO NOT HAVE A NAME.  But even if I did, I wouldn't be telling her bwahahaha.  Also, her judging my food choices is starting to annoy me too.  I have only gained 15 freaking pounds and I will eat what I want.  Thank you very much.  I know my body image will be horrendous this summer and yeah, she can be helpful and supportive of healthy eating choices then, but now.  I am enjoying the last hurrah of chocolate/ice cream/frosting before I self impose myself to a lifetime of veggies and fruits.  And who am I kidding? I can never give up ice cream.

* I have so many great ideas but I never put them into fruition.  But this week? I must get all the next few months birthday cards/shopping done.  So I do not have to worry about it again.

What would you like to confess today?

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