Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: Things I Could Do Without

1. Negative Wind-Chill/Snow – Seriously? It should not be allowed to be BELOW zero nor should snow still be gracing my front yard/porch/roof/driveway. I am a Christmas Day loving snow girl only.

2. Decaf Coffee – What is the point? This is like non-alcoholic beer or wine.

3. People who go on and on about not doing a popular thing – Be this reading Harry Potter / Twilight, watching the Super Bowl (really you only need to tell twitter/fb ONCE you aren’t watching you don’t get 23432434 bonus points for every gosh darn status/tweet update, not watching the President speak (way to promote not being involved in government) or whatever it seriously drives me bananas. Do you want an effin’ cookie?

4. The Bachelor – Really? Just stop. Real relationships take more work, honesty and a lot less drama.

5. Junk Mail – It just goes straight to the garbage, why bother wasting the time/paper? I don’t even read/open it!

6. People who can’t just answer a question without imputing unneeded information – Gee thanks, NEVER thought of those NEW ideas myself. :::eyeroll:::

7. Wet Socks – I dread them in the winter. I usually do pretty good hopping around and avoiding it, but when I get wet socks, I am not happy.

8. Static-y Hair – Ughh…

9. Dry skin – I hate the feeling of my hands, feet, arms, legs. There is just not enough lotion in the world.

10. Cleaning the House – I would so hire a maid in 2 seconds if I had a full-time job. I hate cleaning. Dusting? Ugh. Cleaning the toilet? Ugh. Washing the mirror 24332 times a week because my husband spits his toothpaste on it? AHHHHHHH….

What can you do without?