Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Comics

I don't generally read the comics but as I was browsing the Detroit Free Press today I saw this one and I just had to share it.

[ source ]
Thank you Mike Thompson. ;)
And I especially like how he says, "If you disagree with the idea that teachers are entitled to the benefits of a union, please feel free to employ the spelling, punctuation and writing skills you learned from teachers in the comment section of my blog." (source)
On a side note, does anyone else feel as though the people who comment on news articles never make any take them seriously with their LACK of common sense / grammar / punctuation.
And on a union note, I am not even a 100 percent gun-ho union person, nor am I current member of a union, but I do respect and stand up for theirs and others working rights. And the Wisconsin governor comes off as a douchebag who won't accept a legitimate compromise. But, that's neither here nor there.
Anyhoo, remember you got to where you are because of a hard-working teacher.