Friday, February 11, 2011

Shanghai Girls Discussion #2

This Discussion covers the chapters from Eating Wind and Tasting Waves through the end of Scents of Home. There will most likely be spoilers and anyone and everyone is welcome to join in. I am reading the large print edition so my page numbers will most likely be different than yours.

Quick Recap

In this section, we read about the harrowing journey May and Pearl encounter leaving China for San Francisco. Also, we read about the discrimination and racism that new Chinese immigrants face in America. Pearl makes a huge sacrifice for her sister and Old Man Louie is not as rich as he makes himself out to be when he visits China.

My random thoughts

I find it horrible how the pirates treated their own people. Obviously they were all hurting and I just don't understand how people can treat others that poorly. But I guess it was a carry over from how the rich treated the poor in Shanghai anyway. Situations reversed. Still not cool.

Very scary to think of being checked for diseases in a new country where you don't know the language. And, when they are wearing what you think is the color of death. Way to be on the ball there USA.

Pearl is too nice. I would KILL May and would NOT take the baby. What an idiot. Both of them.

Interesting that the rickshaw drivers in China City are Mexicans wearing silk pajamas.

pg. 261 "But it's because I'm a woman that I dare to go." YAY FINALLY SOME BACKBONE RETURNS TO PEARL!!!

My questions

What if anything do you think is wrong with Vern?

-I think he is just uber spoiled and slightly mentally handicapped.

Would you make the sacrifice for your sister that Pearl made for May?

- Hell no.

Where do you think Sam disappears to?

- English classes?

Do you think May and Pearl will ever be able to escape?

- Not Pearl.

What do you guys think? Love it? Hate it? Thoughts? Next Friday we will discuss
Eating Bitterness to Find Gold through the end of The Air of this World.