Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sing You Home

Once again Jodi Picoult is able to use controversial topics (same sex marriage, IVF, when an embryo becomes a person etc.) and make the reader think, as well as feel, for those being wronged.

I liked Sing You Home much better than the last of Picoult's books I've read (House Rules/ Harvesting the Heart). I put it on par with my liking of Salem Falls and Plain Truth. My faves by her are The Pact and Nineteen Minutes. It has the typical medical issues, courtroom drama and is told by different points of view.

Picoult has written Zoe Baxter as a very likable main character. She has an honorable career as a music therapist where she helps burn victims, dementia patients and many other vulnerable and hurting people. Max, her counterpart, has his moments, but he is the typical spineless character who grows up through the novel. Also, his conversion into the church is so eye-roll worthy to me and not because it is done poorly but because I just don't understand when people undergo those type of oh I almost died and have been doing terrible things like relapsing into my alcoholic stupor but yay God!

The subject matter is controversial and I would warn my friends suffering through infertility about picking up the book. Infant loss is also mentioned which can also be upsetting to some. Personally, as being pregnant those aspects of the book did not upset me.

I found the same-sex marriage issue was handled in a respectful accurate manner (from what I know). Unless, of course, you are as close minded and stupid as the Eternal Glory Church or the likes of Hannity /Rush who are mentioned in the book.

I found I laughed, I cried and I said heck yes, that guy is an idiot and you go girl. So it is a winner. This would make a fabulous book club book and invokes a LOT of questions. However, it could also make a lot of book clubs split down the middle and it could get ugly.

Some complaints, I was sad there wasn't any follow up with her elderly patient Mr. Docker. In one section Max's brother's name, Reid, is spelled differently than the rest of the book (could be an ARC thing), I couldn't stand the attorney referring to the embryos as pre-born children and I was sad that my ARC copy did not include teh CD that is supposed to accompany the novel. I am sure that will be a great addition. Also, obviously it is fiction but the issues were real, but the timeline on everything was a bit insane. I mean Zoe loses a baby, divorces and becomes a lesbian within 6 months?

I most definitely recommend this book, it is fairly predictable with a few surprises. Overall, it is a fascinating look into the same-sex marriage debate and why the heck anyone cares who others sleep with. (But heck we do love our gossip mags, so I suppose that helps answer why some people think a person's personal sex life is important to anyone NOT in the relationship. But really who cares??) Sorry, I could rant all day.

In other words, check it out when it comes out March 1st. ;)

I received an ARC copy from Crazy Book Tours all thoughts and opinions are mine alone.