Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Bridal Shower #2

When I first plotted out sharing my wedding I thought for sure I should have broken the showers apart. But now, as I am going back and talking about them and posting the pictures, I apparently realize that most of my pictures from both events are hard copies and not on the computer. Whoops. :)

Anyhoo, my mom and my aunts threw me a shower about a month before I got married. I would include my grandma in the throwing but all she did was demand there was nuts and mints on the tables. :) Love her and miss her. I had a bowl of those the other day and about cried. Eesh.. Anyway, moving on...

The bridal shower is actually where I got my final cake idea from. My Aunt Jodi was in charge of getting the cake and I could NOT stop gushing about it. Finally, she started laughing and told me the "story" behind the cake. She got it from a local bakery that makes FABULOUS stuff. Like OMG this is amazing stuff. She picked it up the day before the shower and took it home. She got home and the cake and SLID OFF the cake plate. CAKE EVERYWHERE. She was trying to like slab it together and it was soooo not happening. FREAK accident. She calls in a panic and they somehow managed to FIX the cake (free of charge of but she had to pick it up THE DAY OF THE SHOWER.) Needless to say she made my other aunt carry it the entire way to the shower hahaha. The story was a lot funnier and better told in person and if I would have told it to you oh say 2 years ago. ;) Just trust me on it.

totally worth all the hassle.... ;)

My aunts and mom made alllll of my favorite foods. We had Day Ahead Salad, snicker bar and apple salad, fruit, taco salad and sub sandwiches. Yum. I had great food at both showers.

mmmm.. forgot about that delicious fruit salad!

I also received some awesome gifts at this shower. I got some lingerie (ooh lalala), an awesome cooler, wall art, an AWESOME blender, more dishes, my bathroom stuff (curtain, liners, toothbrush holder etc..) towels and lots more. I was seriously spoiled at my showers.

actually for my husband.. for his Man Room

We also had some games. My aunt had a game with Famous Couples and you were given the name and you had to come up with the show they were in. It was alright and different. I really don't remember any other games.. :)

Oh and I apologize for my terrible appearance. Apparently when you don't actually pre-plan what you are going to wear to your shower and then realize the new shirt you bought was an XTRA SMALL and therefore not going to fit and you have NOTHING ELSE TO wear apparently pants in July was a good idea. Also, notice that it must have been ridiculously humid since my hair is SOOO PUKEY. ugh..

What was the WORST Bridal Shower / any shower that you've attended???


Amber said...

You know, I don't think I've EVER been to a bridal shower!

I've been to lots of baby showers. But no bridal showers. Crazy, haha!!

That cake is so pretty!

Anais said...

Love the cake, it is so adorable!!! I went to my first bridal shower 2 years ago... it was a lot of fun :P I gave the bride-to-be this book that had images of men doing things we wish they'd do (clean, make us dinner) with them saying they LOVED doing it lol :P

Morgan said...

I've never been to a bridal shower but reading about yours makes me wish I have. It sounds like you had tons of fun and the food you described sounded really delisous.

Kelly said...

Wow Amber- pretty jealous you've never been to a bridal shower, they are really not that fun haha. I'm not having one :) I'm kidding though, they aren't that bad, it's nice to have a tribute to a woman that everyone loves :)

So anyway, about the whole wordpress vs. blogger thing I'm conflicted. I expected to like wordpress A LOT better but I'm not sure. I really like the fact that wordpress tracks who is looking at your page, when etc. I also like the tabs feature. But I've also noticed that more teachers have blogger (at least that I can find) so that makes it complicated because when I comment on their blogs it leads them to my red sox cap blog instead of my teacher one- and then when I comment on blogs through wordpress it automatically goes to my teacher one. It's all a bit confusing haha. So I guess I don't know what you should do, there are perks to both and I am more familiar with blogger so I do like that, but like I said wordpress has some features I like.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is probably the nicest cake I have ever seen for a shower. That is just awesome! Love it!

I haven't really been to any bad wedding showers... they have all been pretty ok. I am from a small town and it's customary for the women in my hometown church to throw a bridal shower. I don't like attending those because I don't really like my hometown so it all just feels so fakey. If I ever get married, I am going to try to get out of having one. I know I would get alot of stuff, but I don't know that it would be worth the awkwardness of it all...

Oh, and great comment on my blog today! I love long comments & totally know what you mean - I had someone similar in my past. We were just drawn to each other, kind of odd. Anyways, now we have gone our separate ways and I have not seen him for 3+ years. It would be weird to see him again - would be interesting to see if that strong attraction is still there!

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