Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where I proceed to make everyone hungry...

I am SUPER bad about taking pictures and uploading them. So bad. Like I was planning on making a teaching blog around Valentine's Day with all my wonderful plans for 100th day and Valentine's Day celebration and yeah, neveruploaded the pictures. Perhaps that will be a summer project. Anywho, once again I have left the point of what I was saying..

So uploading pictures. In the last month I have taken quite a few kitchen shots of food. (A food blog is always talked about between my husband and me, but like I said, bad photo uploader.) So today you get a plethora of yummy food. I am so hungry and yet, have no idea what I want to make to eat.. Lunch? Breakfast? Eggs don't sound good and the milk is gone. What is a girl to do? I am trying to determine what refried beans, hummus and salsa could do for me ha.
First thing is first.. I won these wonderful Chocolate Cheerios from a giveaway at Trying to Stay Calm..

I got the cheerios, a bowl, and some chocolate soaps.. yummmy..

Chocolate cheerios were a nice change of pace for me and wonderful when mixed with yogurt, Kashi Go Lean and Bananas.. I would say they are a good 'treat' for oneself but, they didn't keep as full as myother breakasts... But I loved the bowl and stuff that came with it, I mean who can't NOT like chocolate??

Now on to some previous breakfast meals...

this yummy breakfast was a fried egg, tomato and cheddar cheese..
it was delicious.

my go to breakfast during the week for most of the month... Kashi Go Lean cereal and bananas.. yum yum

oh this isn't food is it? hehe.. this is one for the adorable heart hats that we made to celebrate the letter H and Valentine's Day. :) my kiddos wore it to the party..

this is a class effort... we took tissue paper and wrapped it around the pencils and viola.. something to hang on the wall.. :)

100th day of school.. 100 pieces of food.. yum yum yum

another wonderful breakfast.. chicken sausage stuffed with spinach and mozz cheese.. grilled the buns.. those are my husbands.. i had sandwich thins..

two eggs sizzling away...

the sandwich toppings...

the finished product...

And now I really need to go find something eat.. Hubby has beer bread in the oven..


Morgan said...

I just ate chocolate cheerios for the first time this week, and I agree with you: they are really yummy!

Your post is making me really hungry!

Leigh Hutchens Burch said...

That cheese and egg sandwich looks sooo yummy!

Anonymous said...

I love the Chocolate Cheerios and that chicken sausage looked yummy.