Monday, February 8, 2010

McFatty Monday - Getting in Gear

I did not weigh myself this morning because I was afraid my Super Bowl eats would make me cringe. Though on Sunday morning when I weighed myself I had lost a pound. So we will probably call this a no loss week ha. But I did eat pretty bad Wed-Sunday.

My SIL got engaged on Friday night and wants to be married within 2010, so that has re-encouraged my efforts. My goal for the week was 1 hour of treadmill a day and whatever else was bonus. Sounds great right? Until minute 42 on the treadmill today when I felt the most searing pain of my life in my left side hip area. Um yeah, huge pain. I have no idea what is going on, but it is very painful. I have back issues and I know that it has been acting up the last week but wow. When I get up from sitting down I can barely walk and I most definitely walk normal. So I am hoping I can manage something tomorrow.

After I had to get off the treadmill I did 100 sit ups. Yay. This week is going to be insane at work and especially if we get the snow tomorrow that we are supposed too. Now, I have wanted a snow day for about a month and now that we are going to get one it is making me mad. We have the 100th day of school scheduled for Wednesday and the Valentine's Day party scheduled for Thursday. Now I can be super woman teacher and combine them all together if I need to but it would be SOO MUCH more fun to have two separate occasions. The best thing I have going for me, is that after I survive Thursday I get a 4 day weekend! Woot.

Anyway, last week. I only worked out Sunday night and Tuesday after work. Whoops. Wednesday I was just lazy and Thursday I had a get together and Friday I was lazy and Saturday I did go out dancing, so that counted I am sure.

But yeah, if I am going to be in a dress in front of the family in the near future, I am hitting the workouts until I get knocked up. ;) This will be my motivating factor. That and that I want to someday fit in my size 8 pants that I kept. (Who cares that they will be completely out style by then ha.)

If I do get a snow day I will most likely have a mid-week check in because I took some pictures of some of my eats last week but they are still on my camera.

My new fave breakfast - Kashi Go Lean Crunch with banana (love it just as much as the other one but it's almond flavor so it's kinda sweeter?)

Favorite workout - The treadmill until my hip died on it

New Goal: 10 pounds gone by my 26th (gulp) birthday on March 26th

And Blair wanted to know :What is your end goal and what are you measuring it in? My end goal is to not feel fat. My end goal is not hate my stomach. My end goal is to not hate my thighs. When that happens it will be the end. But, I also love food and refuse to not stop eating junk forever and ever because I don't believe in living a life of bland. And to me, most health food is bland. I need bean dip, I need Qdoba, I need cheese. Not all the time and not all in one day, but I will never eat like a bird and I will never eat ridiculously healthy. My aim is to live and let live even if that includes more Oreos than lettuce.

How was your week?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I was also pretty nervous to step on the scale after a weekend of indulging and was pleasantly surprised. I never know what to expect. Some weeks I do so well and don't see anything good on the scale, some weeks I don't do so well & lose. Who knows...

It's always good to have an event like a wedding to motivate me. That's what got me on my weight loss path - my sister got engaged & I knew the wedding photos would last forever so I did not want to be captured looking like i used to!

Amber said...

Having a wedding to motivate you is great!

Keep working out. Nothing has made me had more body confidence then my regular workouts!

J said...

BE carefull with your hip! Where exactly did it hurt...outside, inside? I had a hip flexor injury last year and it is painful!

Anais said...

I think that sounds like a great goal! A bit hefty but nothing you can't do I'm sure :)

I don't know that I have a set in stone end goal... Really I just want my bulging stomach to disappear!

Blair said...


and yes, being a Bridesmaid is great motivation! I used it back in Summer 2008 because my BFF Carrie got married & it was massively necessary to look good.

You can do it! (and so many folks were terrified of post-superbowl weights. you are not alone!)

Blair said...

okay, I have NO IDEA how my url just linked to someone else's site :) But she's awesome, too.