Monday, February 15, 2010

McFatty Monday

Well as sore as my lower body is today, I would have expected weight loss. Of course not. Still holding steady. Yesterday, the hubby and I attempted at 40 minute workout. HOLY CRAP. Around the 30 minute mark we were dying and we smelled BAD. We stepped outside into the frigid air for a breather and then jogged to the mailbox and back and I then did the rest of the video and he jumped in the shower. The longer today goes, the more I hurt ha.

This morning I woke up and attempted Yoga for the first time. I say attempt because I got maybe 20 minutes in and I was like HOW THE HELL IS MY BODY SUPPOSED TO DO THAT??? Yeah, so I stopped and did about 10 minutes of cardio and then my mom called and I got in the shower.

My goal for this week is to work out every. single. day. I am getting fitted for that bridesmaid dress on Saturday and while I know I can't magically lose weight I am hoping to fit comfortably into a certain size so I don't have to order the other one and in hopes that I will continue to lose weight before the wedding and can get it taken in.

Last week I got an hour workout in on Monday and Friday. I had a goal of waking up Saturday to workout before I went shopping but we were out until 4 am so I did not get enough sleep. :) My hip was so whacked out from Monday that it hurt every time I tried something Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday.

So this week my plan is Tuesday = 2 miles on the treadmill and possibly 15 minutes on the bike. It depends on where I go. If I use my parents house there isn't a bike. Wednesday =30 day shred, Thursday 2 miles on treadmill, Friday 20 minute sweat video, Saturday: Beginner Cardio Workout.

I have been using Exercise Tv to find free full length workouts to use at home. I can hook it up to my tv so I can watch it on the big screen. It's worked out nicely. I have also been using Mag Rack on demand to find videos. The Beginner Cardio workout is what I did on Friday and it was pretty darn good. I've realized I am so uncoordinated and kickboxing is sooo not for me. Every time I have to coordinate kicking and punching I fail. I also cannot punch. I just don't get it. I guess I'm not much of a fighter.

Two areas I really want to strengthen and find new workouts for are stomach and back. Anyone have a good routine for either that they'd like to share? What are your workout plans / goals for the week?

I cannot wait until it gets nicer outside so I can start running outside again!


Kelly said...

Oh man- I am the same way with kickboxing, I like it but I am terrible at remembering routines and actually doing them haha. I like pilates for abs and back, but I also supplement with some other thing for the abs including swiss ball crunch and jackknives using the same big exercise ball

Crystal Escobar said...

Hey girly, I just came across your blog, love it :) I plan to post my exercise routine later on this week.
I do have a suggestion as far as weight loss goes. But it all depends on if it's something you would be willing to do. I would suggest cleansing. I've had AMAZING results with cleansing, and I really think it's the way to get the weight off these days. So many of us are so toxic, and toxins are stored in the fat cells to protect your vital organs, and in so doing, we tend to hold onto fat. Anyway, not sure if it's something you'd WANT to do, but the one I do really isn't that hard, and you're not stuck to the toilette all day like you'd think when you hear the word CLEANSE. It cost's about $3-$5 a meal, which I don't think is too bad since I usually spend WAY more than that per meal :) I've posted more information about it on my blog, since so many people have been asking me about it. Click on the Nutritional Cleanse tab in my nav bar, there you'll find my before and after pics as well.
Anyway, I do love your blog, and will be following you now. Hope I can offer any kind of support :)

Amber said...

I usually do core workouts before bed! I spend anywhere from 5-10 minutes doing the plank, pushups, bicycle crunches etc. I try to do it 3-5 times a week. If I tack on core work to a workout I've already done, more often then not, I'll just skip it! So if I do it separately like right before bed or when I'm watching TV I'm more likely to just getter done!

Good work so far! I think you're doing awesome!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My knee has been bothering me for the last couple of weeks, so I am taking it easy. It feels weird to not be working out 4-5 times/week. My goal is to do 35 min on the elliptical tomorrow night & then see how i feel after that!!

I am not good at incorporating core stuff into my routine... all i do is run!

Gabrielle @ i.craft said...

You know I have been a martial arts instructor for years, fitness training and basic bootcamp stuff. About 5 years ago everything stopped working and I plateaued. STRANGE. So this last fall I decided to pull out all the stops and trained for 6 months to run 4 half marathons in one months to raise money for a church ministry. I ran every one of those 13.1 miles races, and guess what... not one pound has fell from my body, not one pound! It's not like I'm a waif that can't shed a few, I'm 5'7" and weigh 150 lbs, there's a lot there to drop. So I have been joking the last few days that I am going to eat salads and chocolate from here on out and forget the whole be a size 4 again. :)

Love to hear of any breakthroughs you might come across. :)

J said...

I thought exercise TV had some ab class/routine things? For weight loss remember to switch it up and keep your body guessing. The important thing is intensity and doing different things to help you make sure you don't plateau.

Anais said...

I find it SUPER hard to motivate myself to do yoga when it's not a class... So I totally get that you stopped after 20 minutes :)