Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Sister Pact

Back Cover: Savannah Compton is devastated when her sister and best friend Allison falls into a coma after a tragic accident. Or was it an accident? Even with a charming and handsome detective at her side it seems Savannah may never discover the truth. But if she doesn't her family could be in even more danger. And Savannah's past holds its own secrets that could change everything.

Now she must prove her innocent to the one person who is beginning to matter most. join Savannah as she struggles to summon hope and rely on faith, even in the darkest of circumstances, and learn how the bond between sisters can overcome anything.

Okay, this book was nauseating. There I said it. I only finished it because I received it from the author and wanted to give it a chance. It was terrible. I feel really bad saying it, but if I want to be a credible book blogger, I have to be honest. There were too many similes of poor taste, way too many adjectives, passive voice, word mishaps (know instead of now, sticks out), ridiculous scenes between characters and unbelievable stupidity involved.

It almost reminded me of a bad romantic comedy. Oh wait, it is billed as a romantic mystery. But there really isn't any mystery because the whodunit is spelled out at the beginning. Sure there are parts of the characters slowly revealed, but it doesn't take a novice reader to pick out the details before they are spelled out for you.

My biggest problem with this book was that one of the characters, Noah, would be convinced that Savannah, was the person who had injured her sister and in one moment and not even halfway down the page he was thinking in his head how attractive she was or telling her he cared for her. Ummm hello. Or the ridiculous attempts by each other to make the other jealous, but them not realizing the other was trying to make them jealous. Or Savannah not telling the truth all the time when it was stupid not too, and it just made the plot even more terrible.

I just went back to re-read the back cover and realized that the back is SOOOO deceiving to what the story really is. Cuz I wondered why I would have wanted to read it, but the back makes it sound promising hmpth.

I suppose if you are into romance novels this book would be good for you. But there is just kissing, no sexy love scenes. I would also say that if my grandma was still alive, I'd probably give it to her to read, but she would probably be disappointed by the lack of sex.

Full Disclosure: I received this book for free from the author via a goodreads.com giveaway.


Alee said...

Thanks for being honest even with a free book. I agree that it's important to not let "giveaways" sway your reviews.

Amber said...

Thanks for such an honest review!! I've never even heard of that book but will definitely avoid it now!

Kelly said...

haha...this review made me laugh. I'm glad you told me though because I bet I would try reading this boook and some point and then be annoyed by it haha

Anonymous said...

I got a giveaway book that I couldn't stomach. I didn't finish it. Or review it. I think you've inspired me to do both....

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Props to you for sticking with it! And for telling us it sucked so we don't waste our time reading it.

Typos in books drive me crazy. My friend told me that if you email the editing company and point it out, they will reimburse you. Never tried it, but intend to next time I come across a typo or grammatical error.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, sounds bad. Who is the author, by the way?

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

@ stacy.. Cami Checketts

Jenna said...

i just came across your blog and i can't wait to keep reading!
i would love it if you could check out mine and follow :)