Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding Wednesday -- Planning Part 2

Last week I covered the wedding/reception site, bridesmaids dresses, DJ and photographer). Here is that part.

This week I am covering Wedding Dress shopping, flowers, cake, and Officiant.

These are all topics that I was so wishy washy on. I knew what kind of dress I wanted, but the daunting task of trying on a gazillion dresses never really appealed to me. I had gone to a bridal store near here one afternoon with my mom and pretty much narrowed down the style / designer I liked but didn't find THE ONE. So came the all day extravaganza shopping trip downstate with my mom, MIL, bff, aunt and two cousins. We went to a ton of different stores. And I pretty much tried on the same type of dress at every store, except for the times I let them all talk me into something I didn't really like to see how it looked.

I believe by the time I found my dress I was STARVING. I had wanted to go to one last shop before I hate food and bloated out like crazy. So of course I found the dress I wanted and that took forever and a day and my BFF and my cousins and I were wilting away. We need our food. My mom is a darling and bought me my ridiculously expensive Maggie Sottero dress. Then she got swept up in the moment and bought me a ridiculous tiara and veil that we should have gotten cheaper elsewhere but there was no talking my mom out of it. She threw waaaay too much money on it. But I love her, she loves me and I loved my dress and everything.
Flowers: I knew I wanted Gerbera Daisies and bright colors. I probably was in the flower shop all of 15 minutes. I got simple and I got pretty. Plus, we were going to be outside with tons of flowers all around us. Who needed the extra expense?? I mean seriously our flowers were nothing compared to everything else. Plus, the people who own the flower shop are relatives of one of my former bosses so they delivered them for free. Yay.

Cake - It was a given from the beginning that my husband's cousin would make it. I had two meetings with her and at our first I was kind of pushed into a direction I had no intention or desire to be going in from my mom and her. It just wasn't anything I ever wanted but then again I am not a huge cake person and already knew I was going to have cookies for dessert as well. Then we had the shower my mom's family threw for me and my aunt had gotten the cake and it was FABULOUS. I took pictures, emailed them to the cousin and said, can we do something like this??? And viola, the most yummy beautiful cake ever. There were multiple flavors and I think they were french vanilla, rainbow chip and umm something I don't remember... Whoops.

Officiant - These would be the funniest part. Neither of us really go to church. The pastor at his parents church? I'd rather gouge my eyes out. Our one friend was ordained online and we had asked him kinda informally and he was wishy washy about it because he was a bit overwhelmed with the size of the wedding and what not. We really didn't have anyone to marry us until a few months before the wedding. We were discussing the situation with my aunt and she was like why not your uncle??? So my uncle got ordained online to marry us. He would also be THAT uncle. The uncle every family has. The loud funny out there uncle. The inappropriate uncle. Yeah, he married us. He may have had a story about exotic shaving that he shared in the middle of my ceremony. It was great.
Coming Next Week: Bridal Shower 1


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Ooooooh, I love your dress! That is gorgeous! I'm also a huge fan of gerbera daisies, they're so simple and pretty.

Anonymous said...

I had gerbers on my cake too. That's funny about your uncle and very sweet that he would do that for you. Oh, and your dress is gorgeous! The night before my mom & I were going dress shopping she got out her wedding gown for fun and I tried it on. We never went shopping. It's the only wedding dress I've ever even tried on!

Amber said...

Oh I love your dress. Absolutely gorgeous and you look stunning in it!

Anais said...

OMG!!! You look SO so beautiful in your wedding dress! I love it :)

I think when my time comes, I'd like daisies... Although I haven't put much thought into it ;)

Sam said...

Your dress is sooo beautiful!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Stunning dress! You looked gorgeous!

I love gerbera daisies - such a beautiful flower! I love how colorful they are!

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I love your dress and tiara! Stunning. The cake is just gorgeous.

Becky said...

Your dress was beautiful!!!

ChicChickadee said...

Lovely dress! I was hungry when I picked out my dress... it was the second one I tried on, and I was done. I think my appointment slot was for two hours, and picking the dress took about 20 minutes. :)