Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Bridal Shower #1

I am not sure if I mentioned in my earlier posts or just alluded to the fact that we had well over 300 people at our wedding. Yikes. Mainly because my husband has a HUGE family. So it only was natural we have two showers. Or I would have been there for days or we would have been crowded or some important people to me would have been left out.

So yeah, two showers. My MIL, my SIL's and my husband's aunts put on a wonderful shower for me at my in-laws church. Like anytime that family is together, we had a ton of great food. It was a lovely Mexican themed lunch with lots of good desserts. Absolutely fabulous. We played games. Of course.. Why can't women get together without stupid games?? I know for sure we played Bingo while I opened my presents and people had filled out squares as to what they thought I would get. I also know we played a true or false game about my husband and I. Though as I am thinking back right now I am not sure if that was played at this shower or my other one.

I do know that I received some pretty awesome gifts. I got a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, lots of kitchen utensils, some of my dishes, a blanket with our names and wedding date, photo albums, lots of stuff for my kitchen and some Pyrex.

Not only was the shower full of my husbands relatives, but all my bridesmaids, except SIL in Montana, my mom, my grandma and a close college friend came. It was a beautiful sunny day in May, and after my shower my SIL and I went to the store bought paint and painted a bedroom to surprise my husband who was gone all weekend. Then I also threw away things I knew he would want to keep but we didn't need now that we had our new gifts. :)

Next week... Bridal Shower Numero Dos.. :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Fun! You got some great gifts at your shower. I really want a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I have a cheaper Sun Beam brand one, which is ok, but not nearly as good as a KA one. But I tell myself I really don't need to get one until I start using my mixer more consistently... and I just pulled it out for the first time in like 3 years on Sunday... So yah, probably not going to be buying one for myself any time soon!!

Anonymous said...

I had two showers, but only because I was living in DC and getting married in Ohio, but over 300 is a huge wedding! You must have received lots of great gifts :)

J said...

Hey - I totally forgot to leave my email in that book post. SO sorry about that. Go ahead and send the book to the other person. I feel bad taking it when I don't even know when I will get around to reading it.