Monday, January 11, 2010

McFatty Monday FAIL...

I started out last week rocking it. I was watching what I was eating, hitting my calories and getting my excercise. Then Thursday hit and it was a scheduled day off anyway since I had to switch with Wednesday and I had an emotionally draining day and completely flipped out. It was bad. McDonald's bad. Friday equally bad. And weekends are off. So umm... yeah Week One = +1. Whoops.

Let's recap. Monday was fab. No cheese, no pop and excerise.
Tuesday and Wednesday = fab.

This week.... Monday's eating = fab
Monday's work out = fail. However, I did finally purchase the 30 day shred. So tomorrow will be day 1 of the 30 day shred. I even picked up lighter weights to do the workouts with to help out my back. I do think I am getting sick though which is why I took a 2 hour nap and just now ate dinner. Whoops.

Tuesday - 30 day shred and possibly the workout room at work depending on the time I get out of my meeting

Wednesday - running/ Strength Training
Thursday - 30 day shred
Friday - running / Strength Training

This week my goals are to drink at least 32 ounces of water a day *yeah i know it's not a lot but i can't seem to drink a lot and it at least won't have me feeling like I'm failing*

Do my scheduled workouts

When I have a crappy day do not get McDonalds and instead workout and then cry...

Sorry that today's McFatty Monday was a bit ole fail. Here's to this week. :)


Kelly said...

aww- sometimes I think getting out of the "habit" for a day makes it so much harder to get back in- good for you for picking up and starting again, you can do it this week!

D y J said...

hey! I found your blog through Blair's and wanted to wish you well. Tomorrow is a fresh start and I hope that next week is a big fat negative number. Best of luck to you!

ChicChickadee said...

I'm right there with you on the FAIL for this week. And I started out strong, too.

Good thing there are lots more McFatty Mondays, right?

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Aww, I failed this week too. It's tough, especially in this cold weather. I alway eat worse during the winter, it's awful.
Hang in there! I thought about popping in the 30 day shred tomorrow too! We could motivate each other! :)

Sam said...

I got the 30 day shred today and LOVE it!! I hope you'll love it too. I'm sorry you got off track, but great job jumping back in! :)