Friday, January 22, 2010

January's FREE giveaway

As I was clearing out my shelves I came across these to give away to the first 3 lucky readers who comment and say hey give me ______. Leave your email, and I shall respond and send you _______ .
Thanks for reading and commenting!!!
Oh and have a fabulous weekend.. (I am counting down the hours until happy hour time!!)
1. Right Next Door - Debbie Macomber Pixie13
2. What Men Want - Gerstman, Pizzo and Seldes
3. The Doctor's Wife - Elizabeth Brundage acdc080109


Alee said...

Hey give me "The Doctor's Wife."

Thanks, I love your blog.

J said...

Hey give me What men want!!

i have so many books, I should give some of mine away too.

Aimee said...

Hey, Give me Right Next Door.
(Please & Thank You!)


Mystica said...

If J has not been given/wanted the book what men want may I have it please.