Tuesday, November 1, 2022

What I Read in October

When I was looking through my books to remember what I finished this  month, I'd almost forgotten about three of them! It had seemed so long ago, but they were just at the beginning of the month!

 Murder on Cold Street was better than the last in this Lady Sherlock series and I'm still intrigued by it!

Book Lovers cracked me up and was much better than People We Meet on Vacation.  I was sad because I had ADORED Beach Read by Emily Henry and this just as adorable/laugh out loud goodness I needed.  If you also loved Beach Read, feel free to skip over People We Meet on Vacation and just say yes to Book Lovers!

Beneath A Ruthless Sun was soo soo soo good.  It was a hefy read but I flew through it.  It is based on the true account of a corrupt sheriff in Florida.  Three Supreme Court cases came from this county.  It was horrific to read about how badly things were rigged against Black people and the scariest part, is how not that far in the past this all was.  HIGHLY REOCMMEND.   

Middle School Matters is a book written by a middle school counselor.  My daughter's school hosted a book club to discuss this and I found it easy to read and had great conversational starters that parents can easily add into their repertoire as they are navigating middle school / adolescents with their children.  

The Diamond Eye was also a pretty hefty book but sooo good by Kate Quinn.  I confess to not being able to finish The Alice Network because it was giving me too much anxiety, but this one I really enjoyed about a woman sniper in the Russian Red Army.  It's based on a real person and I am still googling to learn more.

What was something you enjoyed reading in October?

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