Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Holiday Book Gift Guide: Romance Edition

 I'm always asked by friends and family for book recommendations.  It's so hard because people have such vastly different tastes, but based upon my recently (last yearish) read books here is what I'd recommend for those looking to gift a book!

For those that love humor, romance, or Helen Hoang:

Drunk on Love
by Jasmine Guillory or, if you know they haven't read anything by her start with The Wedding Date!

Drunk on Love can be read without reading any of the others, there is at teeny tiny cameo of characters from the other books, but if you havent read the others you won't even notice! Drunk on Love is also a good gift for a wine loving or book club friend.  It's about a winery owner who accidently has a one night stand with her new employee.  Hilarious, sweet, a little steamy.

Book Lovers
by Emily Henry is another funny smart romance! It takes a poke at small town romance tropes and book lovers.  With a taste of a dysfunctional family backgrounds, cute men, smart women, humor, and romance, it's a great vacation or summer read for a romance lover!

Heart and Seoul by Jen Fredrick is another humor filled romance.  It's about Hara, an adoptee who is searching for her birth parent/family information in Seoul after her adopted father's death.  She lands in Seoul with barely any Korean knowledge and bumps into a very attractive man who becomes a confidante and helper as she navigates a culture and language she doesn't know but is surrounded by people who look like her and assume she does know it.  Doesn't sound humor filled from this description but rest assured Hara is very awkward and makes many comical errors in her quest to find out about her homeland and family.  It also has a sequel, Seoulmates that you should just pick up too!

It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey is also the first in a series set in the pacific northwest.  Piper is a rich spoiled wild child who gets shipped off to her biological father's hometown to learn how to survive on her own after one too many jams that her step dad had to bail her out from.  Her sister comes with her and they learn some valuable life skills, meet a grandma, and town full of handsome fisherman.  The sequel is Hook, Line, and Sinker!

Others to check into:

The Charm Offensive - Alison Cochrun

Love at First Spite - Anna E. Collins

What books would you add to this list?

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