Friday, November 11, 2022

Midnight in Delta County

 Midnight in Delta County was a fantastic conclusion to Delta County and Summer of ‘99 by J.L. Hyde.  There were times in the book where I’d read a line and go, “YESSSSS,” because of the insights she drops in her writing.

So, do NOT read this UNLESS you have read Delta County and Summer of ‘99, or you will be a sad panda.  However, once you read both of those, PLEASE read this one! I loved her main characters in the other two books, Heather and Quinn, and in this book you get both!

Both Heather and Quinn have become friendly after their paths cross based upon the two previous books.  Other characters in the previous books appear and you get more peaks into their personalities too.  And that’s a thing I really appreciate about J.L. Hyde.  Her characters each have a unique personality and you easily keep them separated and enjoy their character specific quirks and comments!

A quick synopsis while trying to not spoil…   People in Escanaba start dying.  In an eerily similar way to Quinn’s latest book.  People start avoiding Heather and Quinn because of the ending of Quinn’s book and the assumption that maaaybe they are behind these deaths in a way to make more money for the book, or just because they are THAT demented.  

What I liked about the previous books continues with twists you don’t see coming and keeps you frantically turning the pages to find out HOW THIS ENDS.  

Do yourself a favor and pick these three books up! We have a long winter ahead!

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