Tuesday, November 15, 2022


Welp, we got our first real snow of the year today.  Here enters the worst 5 to 6 months of the year! Cheers! Dark, cold, wet, wind, fun fun fun!!!

Reading:   Our Missing Hearts by Celeste Ng

Loving: My current grocery shopping plan.  I've been able to keep our grocery bill about the same and I love it.  I typically only shop at Aldi or Kroger and the occasional other store if there is a sale or I ran out of something and I had to run in.  But I look at the ads when we get them on Monday and decide if any of the weekly digital coupons that Kroger are offering are things we need to stock up on / use.  If there's enough to get a pick up order I'll do my shopping there and literally only by the things on sale or items I have coupons for.  My fruits and vegetable purchases are whatever is on sale.  If I do Aldi, I run in and just get what we need plus extras that we may need to stock up on.  I try not to have to go to both stores but if I happen to by Aldi and did a Kroger run, I will if there is something we reallly need.  But I meal plan on Friday's based upon what we are doing the next week and what we have in the freezer, that way when I shop the next week there should hardly be any items I'll need for our meal plan.  It's been working out really well.  We do get our beef from a local farmer and we buy our chicken at Costco.  Most of the time I keep us around 70 bucks for the four of us.  We freeze things if we need to and if I run into Kroger I love buying the marked down stuff.  Just call me a bargain shopper.  It's my fun game to play.

Feeling: pretty good.  I made a list of November goals that I've been plugging away at.  Which updating this blog is one of them and I am on par to completing all but one of them, so that's pretty darn good.  I need to keep this up because it motivates me to do things.

Anticipating: booking our summer camping trips soon and plotting out our spring break trip and our great wolf lodge trip.  So anything that escapes winter.

Struggling: my patience.  i have none.

Grateful: that my mom has finished her cancer treatments and is getting stronger each day.

Working: on finishing up my class this month, organizing, walking more...

Listening: Podcasts... Friendlier, The Mom Hour, Culpable, etc...

Watching: Miss Scarlet and the Duke

Wishing: that my basement could organize itself

What are you reading/listening/watching?

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