Monday, November 7, 2022

The House Across the Lake


The House Across the Lake is my first book by Riley Sager and I think I’ll try another.  Casey is an alcoholic actress who has been banished to her family’s lake house after one too many embarrassing episodes (according to her mother).  Slowly, but surely the reader finds out Casey’s husband is dead, she’s definitely picked up on the drinking, and she may not be the most reliable narrator.

She meets her neighbors across the lake and becomes obsessed with watching them through the binoculars.  She decides that the wife is in danger and when she goes missing, she immediately assumes the husband did it.

In the backdrop of this, we find out that there are missing girls from around the area, there is a hurricane coming, and a possible wife killer also around this lake.

So there is a lot going on.

But if you gut through the excessive bourbon drinking and hang tight, this book will take you on a wild ride!

Have you read this or any other books by Riley Sager? If you have read others, what would you recommend? Thanks!

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