Friday, September 16, 2022


We are finishing up the 4th week of the school year already and I am just getting into this new routine.  And oh my lanta someone in this household has been sick since the 4th day of school.  I feel like we are almost at 100 percent now and I swear to god if we don't all feel 100 by Monday I may just week.  Okay, let's be real if I'M not feeling 100 percent by Monday I may weep.  I have been having a heck of a time focusing and feeling so damn blah.  I have tried all my tricks and am well hydrated but I feel like the snot needs to go from my head to make this better.

Photos from the week: 

Grabbed these from the library on Tuesday when I was waiting for the oldest to get out of her book club.

Let's label this the hand me down picture.  Riding her older sister's old scooter and wearing a dress she also used to wear hahaha.

Sunset from our camping trip last weekend.  We stayed right on the beach!

The high of my week was  hearing how excited the oldest was about going to her first yearbook meeting, and hearing about a book club she joined.

The low of my week was  not being able to focus at all.  Like scrolling on my phone is about all I can handle.  I was on a good three week straight of working out and then bam my body fell apart and I have only managed one walk a week the last two weeks.  I have only been able to read like 60 pages in a book as well.  Dire straights here.

Meal plan for the week was  
Monday -  spaghetti, garlic bread
Tuesday -  subs from subway
Wednesday -  orange chicken and rice
Thursday -  taquitos, queso, pico, salad
Friday -  butterfly shrimp, salad, broccoli and cheese

The best money I spent was on an apple cider donut from our local tea shop today. IT WAS SO GOOD.  Adeline got a pumpkin smore donut that she enjoyed as well.

What I’m listening to  Counter Clock, Crime Junkie...

What I’m watching Southern Charm and Chesapeake Shores.  We just caught up on The Neighborhood from last season.  

What I’m reading:  People we Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

My plans for the weekend watching football, picking apples/making apple cider, taking the oldest to and fro, hopefully walking.  

What are you watching/reading/listening to?

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