Thursday, December 1, 2022

A Look at November Goals

 I re-started concentrated working out in November after starting off strong after the oldest went to school until the illnesses of the school year started and then I got off schedule.  So I made myself a few goals and kept track.

Goal One: 4 miles a week or 20 total

Soo.. started off hot.  Got 4.05 and 4.09 the first two weeks and then the weather took a poop and I had to strategically use the treadmill and I can't use it too many days in a row or it hurts my legs.  So then I finished with 2.02 and 3.46 since I haven't walked since Thanksgiving morning.

Goal 2: Read 8 books.

I read 7.  The only reason I have books as a goal right now is that for the first time in awhile I am off my goal set for the year, which is because I finally raised my yearly goal again after easily completing it.  So I decided I have to make a push.  I have a 11 left to hit my yearly goal so here goals nothing in December!

Goal 3: Complete online class.

Did it! I take online classes to maintain my licensing and I have to have so many credits per 5 years so I am cranking more out in the next few months so it's not crunch time when June 2024 comes calling.

Goal 4: 12 blog posts

I did 9.  Which is far better than I had been doing.  I think if I wasn't using nap time for blog posts and finishing that class I may have managed this.

Goal 5: 12 facebook posts for Free Library

I run a facebook page for our  free library.  I try to get "customers" by posting different books we have in there and other fun book related items.  I posted 11 times.

Goal 6: 30 Art Every day Instagram Posts

My friend hosts the Art Every Day Month challenge and I've tried to participate the last few years. Usually by making art with the three year old.  I made 11 posts this year.  Though I did do a lot more water color pictures I just stopped taking pictures.

I have some new goals for December and by clicking publish here I am one step closer to completion!!

What did you accomplish in November?

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