Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recent Posts That Have Me Nodding My Head v.4

Okay, so if you aren't reading Law Momma's blog I don't think we can be friends.  She once again wrote an amazing post about how everyone is important in the world, no matter how insignificant you may think you or they are.  Please go read The Importance of Being Small because she says things much more eloquently than my attempts at her praise. 

I feel like a ridiculous groupie, to point out another awesome post.  Motherthing does not equal martyrdom.    Oh how I agree. I cannot stand martyring yourself out to be a mother.  There are no mother awards.  Especially for those who give up everything for their kid.  Sure, mothering is a great lesson in selflessness, but you are still your own person.  Which, it's great for other people to realize this too and not to refer to you as mama (I'm not yours) or only asking about your child.  I like to read, I teach school, I have other interests.  You should too!

And a HILARIOUS read at Jezebel about some GREAT book club discussion questions.  I think I may start sprinkling some of this hilarity into our little book club.  What do you think? ;)

And completely off topic but did anyone catch The Hatfield's & McCoys on the History Channel?? Fascinating!!!! I am slightly sad that it is all over.

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