Thursday, May 24, 2012

Discussion 2 - The Year of Fog

I really liked this book.  I mean, I even re-read it after I read it for the first time in 2008. ;) I don't typically re-read books.  I was going to just skim it so I could remember everything, but I got hooked in and read it quickly,

It was simply amazing that Abby wasn't hurt in her search for Emma with all the bad choices she was making.  Probably, wanting someone to hurt her physically since of all the emotional hurt she was carrying.

Her memory really impresses me, her constant search to making it better.  However, it really irks me that there wasn't more emphasis put on the cars in the parking lot by the police from the very beginning.

The time she spends in Costa Rica always makes me want to visit there.  Even though she spends some time in cheap dirty places, it really makes me want to visit it!

1. How did Abby’s recollections of her own mother affect her approach to being a stepmother?
2. For Abby, one of the most difficult aspects of the search is the fact that she doesn’t receive full respect as a key figure in Emma’s life. Ultimately, how do you define “a devoted mother”? What are the best examples of good parenting in the novel? What determines whether someone has what it takes to be a good parent?

3. How did you attempt to solve the mystery of Emma’s disappearance? Were you able to hold out hope for her survival?

4. What did the novel reveal to you about the world of missing children and their families? Did it change your perspective on the real-life cases you encounter in the media?
5. What enabled Abby to uncover the truth while Jake could not? Was it her intuition? Determination? Hypnosis? Fate? Or simply the deep guilt she felt? What ultimately caused the fog to lift in Emma’s disappearance?

6. As you saw Abby catch a wave in the final paragraph, what did you predict for her future?

Thank you for participating! Hope you join us in June! ;)

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